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Sammy Founder of Straleo LLC
Sanmi Ayotunde - Sammy WestFounder of Straleo LLC

Online Business

Business is not Financial Science…

…it’s about CREATING a product or service SO GOOD that people will PAY for it no matter what. The product that will not sell without advertising will not sell PROFITABLY with advertising.

That is why we focus on Creating online business websites and apps that are so good that people will pay for the value.


customer validation

We start our online product development FROM the Customers. We are not just driven by the beauty of the idea but the genuine NECCESITY of the product.


market fit product

Once we have a STARVING CROWD interested in our product, we develop a minimum viable product that fits into the market and we start selling.


success and growth

We release updates, more features, other robust parts of our website and app and grow our business to satisfy our every growing customer’s needs.


Startup Business Websites

In the span of 3 years, we have built over 30 Business Model websites and mobile Apps that are making money in different categories such as Affiliate Marketing, Dating, Education, Directory, Outsourcing, Freelancing and several other models.

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