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Straleo LLC is a design and software development company that specializes in bespoke digital solutions for brands of all niche markets. Brand identity is a reflection of any reputable company and much planning, design and robust development needs to be put into every dimension of the company.

Our primary forte is working with Mobile Apps Development, Automation, Software Engineering, Database Design and Development, Custom Web Development, Ecommerce, Enterprise Solutions with design led engineering practices. This current generation revolves around the web and internet of Things, and any company that will last the future must evolve with technology to serve clients, and communicate your branded message to the World.

Using our careful consultations, we will understand your business, demographics, and find out the savor of your customers, whether it is a simple informational or a lavish multimedia site.  As a multicultural creative workplace, we produce design experiences that entertain, inspire, satisfy and challenge our clients and their patrons.  We help enable your market to see the strength and value of your organization and increase prospects from being one-time visitors to regular consumers.

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oing what you love is important, but getting results is what keeps you going! After quitting secular music and becoming a born again christian, going back to programming may be very hard especially when the last time I wrote a single line of code was almost 10 years ago in the early days of Microsoft Visual Basic. As an hard core entrepreneur with a wild success driven passion, I started my way back into Web Design and Programming to form several startups that shaped my skills and business education beyond compare. With the recent growth of our products from Straleo LLC and acknowledged awards from both Facebook and Microsoft, there is no doubt that we are heading for the top.

No man is an Island and that is why at Straleo LLC, I have keep forming a conglomerate of like minded hard core entrepreneurs who can milk the cloud and sell water to the ocean. At Straleo LLC, we compare the Business Model to a Market Fit Product to make sure that our users are satisfied and they get the best consumer experience they deserve. Our goal is to become the owner of the top 10 Websites in African in less than a decade with the net worth of the biggest IT Company both locally and internationally. Thus pioneering, empowering and having the biggest workforce of hard core entrepreneurs from Africa that will change the Africa to one of the fastest IT developed continent on the planet….Dont Believe Us? Just Watch!


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  • Michael Odebiyi
    Michael Odebiyi Brand Marketing & Web Content Administrator
  • Jerry Akinola Senior Data Analyst
  • Ijikelly Olamide
    Ijikelly Olamide System Administrator
  • Sanmi Ayotunde
    Sanmi Ayotunde Frontend Developer


We network, communicate and work online, its 20th century, so we don’t need to be in a single room, even though we love it better.

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimized websites and well optimized apps for maximum conversion of targeted audience to customers



Having an online business is our focus and major drive, we do it well and we get great results that keeps us going for more bigger projects.


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